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My Portal
My Portal is Firefox extension that creates a live web page of your bookmark hierarchy. Leave My Portal open in a tab to easily browse, search, and open your bookmarks and live bookmarks.
My Portal
Access My Portal through the Tools > My Portal menu or by browsing to myportal://. Change the root folder by clicking on a folder's name. Open directly to a specific folder by bookmarking the folder's myportal:// URL.

Like on normal web pages, left-clicking a link opens the link in the current tab, and middle-clicking a link opens the link in a new tab. Right-clicking a folder name displays a popup menu with options to open the folder's contents in new windows or tabs.

My Portal distinguishes bookmarks that have been visited within the past week by displaying them in a larger font:

Larger font

Changes to bookmarks are reflected immediately—it is unnecessary to reload My Portal.

Live Bookmarks
Icons next to the folder name distinguish live bookmarks from normal folders. Click the check mark icon to mark the live bookmark's contents as read. Live bookmarks reload automatically, but clicking the reload icon forces the live bookmark to reload immediately. Right-click on a live bookmark's name to see a popup menu with more actions.
Live Bookmarks
Quick Searches
Quick searches appear as a textbox and a submit button. To search, type a search term in the textbox and then either press enter or click the submit button. Shift-click the submit button to open the search in a new window. Middle-click the submit button to open the search in a new tab.
Quick Searches
Bookmark Editing
Edit a bookmark's properties by right-clicking the bookmark and selecting Properties from the popup menu.
Customize My Portal's appearance and behavior by double-clicking its entry in the Extensions window:

Customized My Portal Customized My Portal
Browser Support
Firefox 1.5.0.*
Firefox 2.0.0.*
This extension was inspired by the My Portal feature in the Galeon web browser.

The myportal project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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